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What Does a General Contractor Do?

A general contractor is a key part of the construction team. He oversees day-to-day operations to ensure the project stays on schedule and meets quality standards. He coordinates with vendors and ensures that the materials needed for the job are in place and delivered on time. He also supervises subcontractors and other labor. He is also responsible for cash flow, writing checks to suppliers and laborers.

A general contractor is also responsible for obtaining the necessary building permits. This means that they are responsible for following building codes and paying fines if they violate them. They must also be licensed to work in your state and carry specific insurance policies. For example, a general contractor should carry workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance. Depending on the state you live in, general contractors may also be required to carry surety bonds.

It is important for a general contractor to have an accurate estimate of a project’s cost. This will not only ensure customer satisfaction but also demonstrate transparency and trust to the customer. If a contractor provides an accurate estimate, it will make the entire process easier. Estimates should also be based on a method called “stick estimating.” In this method, a general contractor counts every piece of material and determines every hour of labor. This method gives the best estimate.

A general contractor should have a wealth of industry knowledge and connections. His relationships with builders, suppliers, and subcontractors will allow him to secure affordable prices and the best materials for the project. In addition, a general contractor knows which materials to buy and how to secure inspections. Therefore, a general contractor is essential if you want to finish a project successfully.

You should research a general contractor’s payment profile to ensure they are reputable. This will help you avoid problems that may arise during the construction process. A general contractor is responsible for hiring and paying subcontractors. While some general contractors specialize in specific areas, others are versatile and can provide generalized skills for any project.

Another key difference between a general contractor and a construction manager is the relationship between them. A construction manager will be involved in the pre-construction phase and design process to ensure the project is completed to the satisfaction of the owner. A construction manager’s job is to communicate the owner’s goals and make sure they are realistic. The general contractor will then implement the designs. The construction manager will delegate the necessary tasks to their team, and the owner will receive a realistic proposal based on the knowledge and expertise of the project’s design team.

A general contractor in Long Island should be licensed by the Nassau County Office of Consumer Affairs. A license costs $500 and lasts for two years. The application form should be completed and notarized before mailing it in.

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