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I bid you good day kind sir. Be minded there is not one shred of usable evidence that words are put in the mouth of a woman with a mental age of 5 is all too possible. Obviously this book concerns the effects of hyper-capitalism on the population of the United States. Shocked at the remorseless cold treatment of people who have given so much time, effort, energy, dogmatic trust — that are then hailed as shills and agents merely for asking to have the conclusive proof shared or acted upon before we continue with upholding the most serious of claims possible. Hi, Please note that Robert Green is due to appear in Court today, to face sentencing, having earlier entered a plea of Guilty, in relation to matters relative to his criminal activities related to the Hollie Greig scam, that he and others have been involved in for some years.

After a painfully abusive and mentally destructive nine-year marriage to my father.

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We counted around 7 or 8 officers. Hollie Greig will continue as their poster girl and continue to be used by these spectacularly stupid people I. The idea that politicians and others would stand by and watch murders taking place; that the bodies could be disposed of and everyone who knew of the crime, including people who were horrified by it, would simply remain silent for 30 or 40 years is inherently unlikely. If Hollie was abuse by her father at first, i am surprise he was not arrested as the primary suspect. The Facebook Group was closed down, but not before some horrendous mudslinging as the original publicists of the story withdrew one by one.

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