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At the lab, they discover Boss Hogg's intentions of turning the county into a strip coal mine. Daisy Duke and her short shorts, Daisy Duke and her sex appeal, the strong Daisy Duke, the character she's built along the years, a character imprisoning her inner soul and her real feelings. Besides, she would've needed a lot of time to change Enos' mind, 'cause changing his mind meant she had to convince Enos she was marrying him because she loved him and not because she was trying to save him from going to jail. It also had an adjusted-dollar rank of number 24 all-time for August releases. Her hand reached his one, his warm and wide hand, squeezing it gently as he blushed. This page was last edited on 20 Novemberat The day after Enos and Daisy nearly married:

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Pauline informs the Dukes that Rosco seized another farm on charges, so Bo and Luke investigate a local construction site and find geologic core samples with the help of bait-shop owner Sheev. Enos really thought she was marrying him for pity and not for love. Remembering her words of the previous day she felt sick. In the last couple of years she's stopped to date any good-looking but vapid man coming to town, men perfect to inflate her ego and her vanity, but not to satisfy her inner and strong need of love, true love, a love only Enos has showed her; she's dated only Enos even if they acted more like close friends than as a couple and she was starting to treat him the same way both in public and when they were alone: A little one shot:

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