Deep inside the anus

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That way, the sperm can only go in one direction: HIV treatment centres Testing locations near you. The inside of your anus and rectum is covered with mucous membrane. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Superior rectal veinsmiddle rectal veins.

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Pelvic muscle retraining may also be helpful.

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Anal pain (proctalgia)

Prostate From inside your rectum you can feel your prostate about 5 cm past your sphincter on your stomach side. Coronal section through the anal canal. Muscles Spaces peripharyngeal retropharyngeal parapharyngeal retrovisceral danger prevertebral Pterygomandibular raphe Pharyngeal raphe Buccopharyngeal fascia Pharyngobasilar fascia Piriform sinus. Erogenous zones The area around your prostate and your anus has many nerve endings. Is the information easy to understand? The external anal sphincter is located approximately 1 cm from the opening of your anus. Latijnsch-Hollandsch woordenboek over de geneeskunde en natuurkundige wetenschappen.

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deep inside the anus
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deep inside the anus
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