Fluency in russian local

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God, doesn't everyone just hate me on this board? I won't say it's easy, but once you overcome the initial barrier of the alphabet it has a lot in common with many other European languages, certainly German case- wise. By using Memrise to drill the vocab into my brain ahead of tackling the equivalent Duo level, I was able to progress much faster. Feel free to write on my wall or whatever it's called. Learn how to write the Russian alphabet in print and in cursive and practice the same way you did when you were in school. Someone who can speak fairly well but can't read at all knows Russian. To put it simply, a case is a set of endings that words take to indicate their function and relationship to other words in a sentence.

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This makes me think that Pimsleur comes with some sort of book full of this kind of stuff.

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Levels of Competence in Russian as a Foreign Language

Unfortunately, I'm not living in a Russian-speaking country and I can't afford an immersion program in Russia. Once you're past that I'm not sure it's that much harder than German, say; more difficult, but not 10x difficult. This certificate is a prerequisite for receiving a master's degree in philology at the Russian higher education institutions that entitles to every kind of teaching or scientific activities in the area of the Russian language. The people on this board that have been asking questions about Pimsleur usually post ridiculously transliterated phrases as "Kawtoree see-chess chess" or something of that sort. Official texts mean legal acts and official statements.

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fluency in russian local
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fluency in russian local
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