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Please let us know any comments you have about the content on this page. NHS 'Does anal sex have any health risks? Continue with this until you are fully in — but be prepared to stop at any time if the other person is uncomfortable or in pain. NHS 'Know your prostate'. Being safe will help you both feel more relaxed and make sex more enjoyable. If you are giving anal sex, use plenty of lubricant and then start by penetrating just a little and then pulling out completely.

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If you have anal sex and then move onto vaginal sex or oral sex you should use a fresh condom to prevent these infections.

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Global information and education on HIV and AIDS

Being safe will help you both feel more relaxed and make sex more enjoyable. This site is best viewed with Javascript enabled. Using a condom correctly will help protect you and your partner. Use lots of lubricant! Please note that we are unable to respond to any questions, or offer advice or information in relation to personal matters. If you are having oral sex or vaginal sex straight after anal sex put on a new condom to avoid cross infection. The lining of the anus is thin and can easily be damaged, which makes it more vulnerable to infection.

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anal intercourse before after
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anal intercourse before after
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