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Keywords Click on any of these terms for more related articles. Treating sexual problems for women with cancer. These products should not be confused with Femring, which is a form of hormone replacement therapy, which releases higher doses of estrogen. Vaginal moisturizers are topical creams applied directly to the vagina. Allow foreplay during sex. If the smell is concerning to you in any way, I would suggest consulting a doctor.

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These products are rapidly absorbed by the vaginal tissue, resulting in elevated estrogen levels in the body for the first months.

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You need to relax into it and there is no better way than foreplay. Lubricants only temporary relief, so if you're looking for a long term cure you might want to look elsewhere. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Is it normal to get yeast infections? Part of climax for many women is the production of lubrication so this could be one way for him to help your body help itself. Usually, you would wear a patch or take oral tablets of low doses of estrogen and other hormones that your body produces less of as you enter menopause. Try a vaginal moisturizer.

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vaginal dryness oral sex
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vaginal dryness oral sex
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