Gifs daughter jumps on fathers lap

Have you ever kissed a boy, Katie? Daddy told me to sit down on his lap so he could tell me what my present was. Yes, thats right; and the happier they are, the harder it becomes. Whats that under your boxers? It made me blush and giggle every time. Just as Daddy opened his mouth to speak, I felt something semi-hard poking against my ass, I stood up and looked down on Daddys lap, Umm, Daddy? I was getting a little carried away with the kissing, 5 seconds had gone by and I still hadnt stopped.

Not only that but you are the prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on.

I love my daddy

Your love and obedience to me. Look at me, I moved my eyes to meet his but kept my head pointed away, Youre such a good kisser. When our lips connected I could feel Daddys Erection getting harder, I must be doing a really good job, I thought as I felt it pushing into my panties. I kissed my Daddy lightly on the lips then put the Diamond Ring on my finger and sat on top of Daddy, admiring it. He even had an in ground swimming pool! I moved my mouth closer to his, licked my lips a little and kept moving my head further until I could feel his warm breath on my face, then I finally pushed my lips against his, giving them a quick kiss before I leaned back nervously. I tilted my head to the side, Are you sure thats ok Daddy?

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