Dick blair securites broker dealer washington dc

You should obtain and carefully read the prospectus of the William Blair Fund you want to exchange into prior to making an exchange. The exchange clearinghouse is the counterparty of every contract. Despite this voluntary assumption of risk, a counterparty that has lost money in a derivative transaction may try to avoid payment by exploiting various legal uncertainties about certain derivative products. The figures reflect the expense limitation for the first year. Assets used as cover or held in a segregated account cannot be sold while the derivative position is open, unless they are replaced with similar assets. Although the Fund will enter into OTC options only with counterparties that are expected to be capable of entering into closing transactions with the Fund, there is no assurance that the Fund will in fact be able to close out an OTC option at a favorable price prior to expiration.

The Fund intends to enter into futures transactions only on exchanges or boards of trade where there appears to be a liquid secondary market.

Restricted securities may be sold only in privately negotiated transactions or in a public offering with respect to which a registration statement is in effect under the Securities Act. The Fund does not price its shares on days when the Exchange is closed for trading. The Executive Committee is comprised of, John R. Government or its agencies, if they have a stated maturity date of one year or less, or if they have demand features prior to maturity. Eastern timeon each day when the Exchange is open. The SAI contains more detailed information about the Fund. How to Buy Shares.

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